Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys

Hiring the wrong defense attorney can make the difference in the results of your case. 

If you were falsely accused of a crime, you have a right to criminal defense attorney. Choosing the right attorney can be the difference in the results of your case. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in high profile cases so we understand the justice system. From your first consultation, to when you make the decision to hire us-all the way until the end of your case, we are by your side and will answer any questions that you may have. Our clients choose us because our approach on the law stands out from the rest and we are dedicated to seeing that you are treated fairly.

Did you know?

Being convicted of a crime can act as barrier to your future. It can have a negative consequence on your credibility, ability to work and family life. But here at the Law Offices of Reem Odeh, we understand that your future is at stake when you are accused of a crime. With our network of experienced criminal defense attorneys, we will make sure to take your freedom seriously and fight aggressively with our experience in court proceedings and knowledge of the criminal justice system.

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